Meeting my cousin from America at Bletchley Park.

I first met Diana Cavender when I was eleven years old and Diana was about fourteen. I spent my school holidays in America on a Dakota Sioux Reservation in Minnesota.  I was adopted into the Dakota Sioux Tribe in the summer of 1961, and in 1992, I was given my native American name, Waccantkiya Win.  It translates to, Charitable Girl.

Diana and me at Bletchley Park

Diana and I, Bletchley Park Sept 1, 2019

Diana by machine

Diana leaving on her own                   arriving at Bletchley Park                    diana on bus


Having not seen each other for 18 years, two hours really wasn’t long enough, but Diana had come to England with a holiday company that had arranged a hugely busy itinerary and the only time I could see her was at Bletchley Park.

Bletchley Park is a wonderful place to meet.  Next time we’ll meet in Minneapolis, USA.






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