Challenge in less than 100 words – so clever.

From the Blog of the lovely writer, Patricia M Osborne. Challenge in less than 100 words

Yesterday’s challenger was Karen Baker. Karen’s response to the challenge to ‘Write a story in less than one hundred words’ comes in the form of Skimming which you can read below.


It’s flat, smooth, shapely, sensual, and fits perfectly in my fingers, an extension of my right hand. Calm and motionless, I stand for a long meditative moment eyes closed.

Reminding myself of the Zen of this exercise with three deep intakes of breath, I turn sideways-on and take the correct stance, knees bent. Then raising my arm, elbow flexed, I lean with a slight sway that tests my balance.

My arm swing and wrist-flick catapult the stone across the water. One… two… three… four… five…


Still the same jubilation.

90 words

Today’s challenger is Anne Craig. Her response to the ‘Write a story in less than 100 words’ comes in the form of The Longing. You can read Anne’s story below.

The Longing

Each evening I took out my needle and dreamt of a daughter. I stitched pure white lawn, creamy calico and fine merino wool into garments. Gingham brought a tear to my eye as I imagined my little sprite going to school.

John took it hard but we never talked about it after the first few years.

I gathered my fabric store and began a quilt. The final border, purple, from my funeral outfit. I won’t wear it again. I have my memories and only have to spread out my quilt to see the whole of my life before me.

99 words

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