Jeanie Nic Fhionnlaigh 5.0 out of 5 stars. Totally Captivating 13 May 2019

Jeanie Nic Fhionnlaigh

13 May 2019

Having read the first book in this series(Dudley saga) I knew that I was in for another excellent book.
From the first few chapters I was hooked this follows Margot (Margaret) and her husband Bill it was truly fascinating to read Margot journey the highs and lows of theatre work there were times I actually felt as if I was on stage giving a performance of a lifetime looking forward to the 3rd book in the series I can’t praise this book enough and highly recommend.
Well, that review was the first for several months – and it was so worth waiting for. The joy it gives a  writer to know that a reader enjoys their work is priceless. You couldn’t buy it.  Thank you so much Jeanie Nic Fhionnlaigh.
Applause Book 2
This week there was another super review by the same reader. She read reviewed China Blue. I am over the moon. No reviews for six months and then two in two weeks.
18 May 2019

“Having read a few of this FANTASTIC author’s books I couldn’t wait to read China blue another cog in the wheel of the Dudley saga. I was not surprised at the outstanding amount of detail and research that had gone into this wondrous book I really can’t praise this book enough.  I can highly recommend this series.
Made my day?  A second review has made my month. xx

China Blue Book 3

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