What a lovely Easter Day this is turning in to.

The news about the killings of Christians in hotels and churches in Sri Lanka was devasting and upset me as it did millions of people. However, as I had planned, I went to the Easter Day service at St. Mary’s Church in Lutterworth. I felt sad before I went, but the service was absolutely wonderful. Not only was it moving but it was incredibly uplifting.  Afterwards, I took a stroll through the churchyard to see my mum and dad’s grave. The grass had been cut and although I had forgotten to take flowers it looked fine. I have no children or grandchildren so I can feel lonely on days like this. But not today. Walking home in the glorious sunshine I saw my friends Geraldine and David Tew in Costa Coffee. They beckoned me to join them and when they left another friend arrived. It was lovely to catch up with her and made what could have been a lonely time a really happy one. When I got home I had a sandwich and took a glass of chilled wine into the garden. When I’d fed the birds and the fish, I pottered in the garden before writing the backstory that was needed in my current novel.

As I said, what a lovely Easter Day this is turning into.

Oh, before you go. I spotted a beautiful white flower on a succulent that has never before had a flower. Fantastic.

One flower on the succulent.

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