Chasing Ghosts by Madalyn Morgan @ActScribblerDJ @rararesources #ChasingGhosts

I’m over the rainbow after reading review.  Here is a snippet.

Chasing Ghosts is a brilliant addition to the Dudley sister’s saga books.  I’ve read a lot of books set in World War Two but not many set just after so it was on to see how the world was still affected by all that had had.  The author has clearly done her research and there is lots of brilliant details about the period that really helps you to picture it in your mind.

Claire is a very strong, competent lady whose bravery in the war was very interesting to read about.  Her obvious concern and love for her husband is very touching to read about.  I enjoyed following her investigation into where her husband had gone and to finding out the truth behind the accusations against him.  This was particularly interesting as it takes the reader across Europe to learn more about the aftermath of the war there.

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