Day four of Chasing Ghosts Book Tour and a review from Waggy Tales.


This is the sixth in a series and I have to admit that I haven’t read the previous books. However, this worked as a standalone novel and I enjoyed reading Chasing Ghosts.

I love historical fiction and the retro black and white cover really drew me into this book. It begins in 1949, Claire returns to England after three months in Canada with husband Mitch and daughter Aimee. However, Mitch didn’t make the flight and Claire is worried about his whereabouts. During their time in Canada Mitch had received treatment at the Louis Bertrand Hospital for shell shock suffered in the war.

When Mitch goes missing it is left to wife Claire to use all her resources to find out what happened to him. Does Mitch have information that has put his life at risk? or is he having an affair?

This is an interesting story, highlighting how Post Traumatic Shock can affect soldiers taking part in war zones, it is well researched with a strong female character and a good amount of suspense throughout.

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