Thank you Sepia Tinted Window for the lovely review on your Fabulous Blog


As Claire sets out to search for her missing husband, the story moves through several countries including Canada, England and France. It was so interesting to read about the aftermath of WWII in each of those countries, and I think Madalyn Morgan captured the essence of their respective cultures very well.

Although this book can be read as a standalone (I hadn’t read any of the previous books before this one) I think I would have got even more from it had I read the rest of the series as well. Particularly during the parts set in France there were a few moments alluding to past events, which made me really want to know what had happened to the characters during the war.

The strongest aspect of this novel for me was Claire’s character. I loved the fact that she could clearly handle herself, and her courage and determination during the search for her husband meant I was rooting for her all the way.

If you like action-packed historical fiction with a strong heroine, then I think you’ll really enjoy Chasing Ghosts!

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