Chasing Ghosts: The final review. It was worth waiting for. Thank you,

Thank you for the great review of Chasing Ghosts, Heartshaped Bluestocking. You understood the characters and what I, the writer, was trying to say through them. It’s exciting when a reader gets ‘it.’

Here’s a snippet of the review.

“The development of the story and the central characters is superb. While I found some of the detail a little extraneous, it was easy to overlook as the author’s research is meticulous. She writes with great style and certainly brings both periods of history to life. She builds the tension and drama step by step, and at various times you are relaxed and enjoying the pace and others it’s an edge-of-the-seat ride to get to the end of that particular episode of excitement.

The vivid descriptions and the haunting narrative pull at the heart. It is achingly painful in places. The fast-paced ending had me holding my breath and turning the pages as fast as possible. If you don’t read any of the others, do read this one. It is a fantastic novel and may well make it on to my Books of the Year. I highly recommend it to you.


PS: and while we should never judge a book by its cover – I really love this one!”

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A fantastic Blog, and a great review of Chasing Ghosts by Heartshaped Bluestocking. The reader understood the characters and what I, as the writer, was trying to portray through them. It’s exciting when a reader gets what you mean. xx’

Heartshaped Bluestocking

by Madalyn Morgan

CG-6.inddIn 1949 after receiving treatment for shell shock in Canada, Claire’s husband disappears.

Has Mitch left her for the woman he talks about in his sleep? Or is he on the run from accusations of wartime treachery?

Claire goes to France in search of the truth, aided by old friends from the Resistance.

I didn’t realise that this is the 6th book in a series, but it didn’t matter one bit; there wasn’t anything I felt I missed or needed explained.

The gentle beginning belies the conflict and friction that surrounds the rest of the book. If the reader is paying attention, they’ll pick up on the tension and mystery circling round Mitch’s therapy at the beginning of the book. The writing creates a discomfort for the reader, a suggestion of fore-shadowing without being explicit.  As we progress through the quest to find Mitch and what…

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The penultimate post on, The Chasing Ghosts Blog Tour, from Elizabeth Carey

A snippet from the review.

“And her superiors and his have forgotten that Claire is no ordinary war bride. She’s a seasoned undercover agent who operated directly under the eyes of the Nazis in occupied France.

This is an engrossing, complex story, with enough backstory to add to the interest without being confusing. Claire is a woman of her time, but with a strength and character women were usually not recognized as having, even though that strength and character had been needed in many women, certainly during the war. We also get to meet Mitch’s family, Claire’s family, and their Resistance comrades in France.

Highly recommended”

Elizabeth Carey’s Library Blog:

Chasing Ghosts on tour with Thesecretworldofabookblogger

I just adored this story, it shows the incredible strength people have after the war and how strong friendships grow despite the conflict going on around them. This is a story with lots of twist and turns and a story that leads you down a path that I did not expect. I do not want to say too much as it will just spoil the story, but it is a book that I would highly recommend. Madalyn has a magic touch when it comes to writing about the aftermath of war and the impact this has on everyone within the community. She has a talent for leading you down a path that you do not expect. You can feel her passion for storytelling within the pages and I am very grateful that Chasing Ghosts was sent to me because I just adored this novel and was not disappointed.



Chasing Ghosts Blog Tour on Sat Oct 13th. A fabulous review from Ellesea Loves Reading.


Ms Morgan’s writing is a new to me so, I’m happy to confirm I’ve found another author to follow after reading this absorbing tale set in peacetime between nineteen forty-nine and nineteen-fifty.

Claire Mitchell’s husband, Captain Alain ‘Mitch’ Mitchell is missing. After failing to join her and their daughter on a return flight from Canada to England, she’s determined to ascertain where he is. As each day goes by, her suspicions surrounding his disappearance become heightened after military personnel search her house. Aided by Mitch’s grandmother, she makes her way to France, to track down the woman she believes is with her husband.

The narrative alternates between the present and the past as we get the background history before Mitch disappears and Claire’s journey to find the truth. The writing flows sublimely, keeping both the past and the present connected. Even though the setting is after World War Two, Claire’s work in occupied France is relevant to how she deals with the unique situations she’s in.

I appreciate how the author projected the sexual chemistry between Claire and Thomas Durand. Even before we’re made aware feelings exist between them, the narrative projected their attraction right from their re-introduction. With the air of uncertainty hanging over Mitch’s disappearance and not knowing if he’s unfaithful to his wife, the attraction between this woman looking for her husband and her old wartime colleague is palpable. Unexpectedly, this aspect adds a compelling element to this already intriguing story. Additionally, when Claire and Mitch are finally reunited, it is clear they have a distinctive special bond, nurtured during the second world war. Although it isn’t necessary to have read the novel, ‘China Blue’ which tells the story about their lives working as part of the resistance, Chasing Ghosts certainly whetted my appetite to learn more about this dynamic couple.

To sum up, action-packed and enjoyable Chasing Ghosts is book six in the Dudley Sisters Saga and I read this as a standalone novel.

More on Ellesea’s fabulous Blog:


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“Another of my favourite genres to read – WWII fiction – and this one is an absolute gem. Even though it takes place in 1949, there are subplots that keep the war era very much at the forefront of the story. I haven’t read any others in the series, but that was no obstacle at all. The author cleverly interwove past details to the extent they were neither overwhelming nor underdone. (That said, I did enjoy this book so much that I’m tempted to go and read the previous ones in the series too.)

It’s fascinating to read about PTSD following the war, and the treatment thereof seems just as scary, if I’m honest. But it is the relationships – past, present and future – that hold this story together.

Claire is naturally concerned when her husband, Mitch, is said to have gone AWOL just as she and their daughter are about to board a flight back to England. Torn being looking after Aimee and staying to find him, she knows she has to get on that plane. But, home, especially with Christmas looming, is no home without Mitch. Besides, she can’t get the thought out of her head that something else is wrong, especially when he calls out another woman’s name in his sleep.

On discovering Mitch is in France, and accused of being a traitor, she returns to her former role working for the Résistance, and connects with friends from her past who help her to find her husband and uncover the truth behind those sleep-fuelled ramblings of his. With Aimee secure with her family, Claire promises to bring her daddy home.

The story oozes all the intrigue I love about the era, the undercover heroes, the tales of traitors, and the best and worst of humankind. Danger, conflict and tension fill the pages, but is equally balanced with respect, kindness and love. All in all, a wonderful read. Entertaining, well-written and clearly well-researched, this is a story to curl up with, shut out the world and enjoy.

PS – Note to author – I really hope Thomas Durand gets a story of his own too, or at least that there’s a happy ending for him around the corner.”

Thank you for this amazing review,



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I’m over the rainbow after reading review.  Here is a snippet.

Chasing Ghosts is a brilliant addition to the Dudley sister’s saga books.  I’ve read a lot of books set in World War Two but not many set just after so it was on to see how the world was still affected by all that had had.  The author has clearly done her research and there is lots of brilliant details about the period that really helps you to picture it in your mind.

Claire is a very strong, competent lady whose bravery in the war was very interesting to read about.  Her obvious concern and love for her husband is very touching to read about.  I enjoyed following her investigation into where her husband had gone and to finding out the truth behind the accusations against him.  This was particularly interesting as it takes the reader across Europe to learn more about the aftermath of the war there.

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“My favourite part was reading about Claire’s adventures in France, the vivid description of the prison ruins was quite haunting. The fallout from Mitch’s treatment in Canada and the resulting twist was unexpected and made for a satisfying ending.” 

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